My Furnace isn't Working Well. Do I Need a Repair or Will a Cleaning Do?

Updated by Lisa A on January 20, 2019 in

Furnace Cleaning, Furnace Flue Cleaning

As a furnace cleaning company, we sometimes get calls for issues that would be more appropriately referred to a furnace repair company. Sometimes customers with furnace troubles attempt the process ...

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The Story Behind Air Duct Cleaning Before and After Photos

Updated by Lisa A on January 26, 2019 in

Air Duct Cleaning, Duct Cleaning

Or rather, some stories. Everybody loves the before and after photos some companies offer after an air duct cleaning job. Customers like to see the results of the service and the accompanying ...

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What's the Difference between Chimney Sweeping and Flue Cleaning?

Updated by Lisa A on January 20, 2019 in

Chimney Cleaning, Flue Cleaning, Chimney Sweeping

It's a fair question, as the two are very similar, and in one case (the fireplace flue), they're the same. The two terms are often used interchangeably, even by industry insiders, as there is much ...

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Case Study: Colossal Dryer Vent Clog

Dryer vent clogs present a real fire hazard, but even if this potential disaster does not materialize, a direct and discernible result of dryer lint buildup is a clothes dryer that doesn't do what it ...

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